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Ancient Andean rug/blanket, manually woven on loom with bright colors. No industrial treatment, was dyed with natural and mineral pigments. Measure 1.30 m wide and 1.50 meters long. 

Can be used as a blanket, a rug, to decorate your bed or a sofa.

The ‘aguayos’ (in the official language of the Inca Empire, quechua, awayo or p’ullu) are fabrics made in the artisanal loom called ‘floor loom’ or ‘pampa away’, whose structure is made out of wood and thread and is used fixed straight to the earth. The complexity and variation of colors depends on the amount of threads. It’s particularly astounding to see the ability that one person can have to manipulate these big amount of threads to create the fabric.

Is important to clarify that aguayos (Andean rugs) are antique recovered textiles, some of them handwoven on loom years ago so they could present little imperfections and details. These weavings could have been made of llama or lamb wool, always using natural pigments and the resources closely available. We select the most spectacular colors and the pieces that are in better conditions to offer to you. Each piece is one of a kind and full of character, making yours different from anyone else’s.

* Handloom woven fabrics have always approximated measures, given it’s artisanal origin, it may be subject to a minimal variation.